Welcome to the 2020 Cita Secondary Festival Registration for the MOBILE, AL festival! A few things have changed since last year and we hope you will see that our goal is to provide our CITA members the best support based on our mission statement: "Cultivating events that empower and sustain theatre artists of faith."

All 2020 CITA Festivals are open to anyone who qualifies in the age categories (12-19) and has not graduated high school. This means you can attend one festival or every festival offered in 2020.

PLEASE READ before continuing registration:

All Festival competitors must be affiliated members of CITA either as individuals or as part of a school or group. Please visit our website to become a member at http://cita.org. Your annual membership fee comes with great opportunities and online access to CITA member content.

-You will need the names of all students and the events they are competing in to complete
your online registration.
-Duo partner's names are also needed during registration, and duo partner's must also
register for duo events.
-Schools are required to bring an accompanist for their students, and you will need to
provide the accompanist name prior to attending the festival.
-Schools must also bring chaperones for every 10 students. These names must be provided
in the chaperone field during registration.
-Each school must also provide two adult volunteers to work at the tournament. Please enter
these names in the appropriate field.

-You will need the names of all student competitors in your family and the events they are
competing in to complete your online registration.
-Duo partner's names are also needed during registration. Duo partners must also register
and pay for the Duo event.
-Individuals may take advantage of utilizing our CITA festival accompanist. YOU MUST
example, if you register for HS Duo Musical Theatre, you need to also register to pay for the
accompaniment under "Select Accompanist." If you are also registering for HS Solo Musical
Theatre, you must select the accompanist for HS Solo Musical Theatre as well. You will be
assigned a practice time with the CITA accompanist.
-Individuals ARE allowed to bring their own accompanist.
-Individual entries (families) must provide an adult volunteer to work three to four hours over
the course of the tournament.

There is a $25 non-refundable fee for every student registration.

No event changes are allowed after February 3, 2020.

If you experience any difficulty with registration, please contact secondarytheatrefestival@cita.org